Monday, June 18, 2012

Beliefs often block us ...

How do your beliefs hold you back?
Many of us have heard and repeated, "We are what we eat!"  Of deeper importance is that we are what we believe!

I appreciated this recent article by Kristen Meneghello, JD, Career Transition Coach. Though she is addressing beliefs about employment, the same negative beliefs that we accept as personal truths, can keep us from starting and working through issues and adapting systems that can get us what we want and where we want to go! 
In her June newsletter she wrote: 
Have you ever said any of these statements, "Nobody is hiring right now ... There are no jobs out there ... No one will hire me ... " 
Whenever I hear these absolute statements, my ears perk up.  Is it true that NOBODY is hiring right now? Just look at, Craigslist or even the classified ads. No, it’s not true. There are jobs available and companies are hiring. While there may be fewer jobs in your desired industry than there once were, it doesn’t mean there are no jobs available. 
A problem arises when a belief is taken as the truth and we state it as a foregone conclusion. We often don’t stop to examine our beliefs to see if they are true. In order to move forward in your career search, it’s important to look at your beliefs in the cold light of day and see which ingrained beliefs may be holding you back. 
Also, when you state a belief as a fact, it takes your power away ...
If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired ... it may be time to do some work on your beliefs. Changing beliefs, losing weight, progressing to better and better health takes belief and action ... Having a Health Coach through a cost neutral, medically proven, and sustainable program may be a perfect fit and answer to prayer.  Don't wait any longer, give us a call, consultation is always free. Polly. 

Considering your beliefs, are they really true?  Are they productive and helpful Now?
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read the whole article by Kristen Meneghello.

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