Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Word of Thanks ...

With Grand-baby ... We're a bit more than he bargained for???
Thank you for your business and the priviledge of coaching you on this chosen journey to wellness.  I know this is simple, but not always easy. 

When someone says, “Wow!  You are looking great!  How are you doing it?”  Please reply:“I have Polly, my Take Shape for Life Health Coach.  She is willing to help you too, give her a call … or better yet, can I give her your e-mail or number?”  If you are coaching with Greg, just tell them we work as a team and are willing to help them!

Most of our clients get $75 -$100 off on their monthly food orders by referring 3-4 clients/month.  
I’ll be happy to send you a handful of our cards to give to friends and I'll send more when you need them. If your friends have ordered directly from the company, I can still help you get the $25 credit for their referrals – just let me know.

By way of encouragement, I’m so happy to be surrounding you with the accumulated knowledge of the thousands of people across the country who are on this journey with you!  
·         Monday Check-in notes
·         Monthly Healthy Habits Newsletters
·         Web/blog sites, and
·         Support in Motion,
·         Client Services, 1-800-572-4417
·         And US!

Another very effective way to support your efforts is to build a support team around you.  When you have friends and family members join you on the program, you are even more accountable and more likely to reach your goals … besides, you have a lot to offer!  You are living the experience of successful weight loss, understand the system, pitfalls, and tools.  Your friends are desparate to know what you know.   Greg and I will help you in any way that we can.

Again, thank you so much for doing the work, sharing your pictures and stories, and helping us give hope to others who are frustrated and struggling!

Cheering you on and standing in awe, Polly and Greg. 
Certified TSFL Health Coaches

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