Sunday, May 27, 2012

Will one step make a difference?

A front page article in Friday's Oregonian asks the question. "Will a label on GMO foods alter appetites?" Yes, somebody will notice and make a change but by itself it will not make a critical difference.  To alter the appetite of our nation it will take many of us working together. Changing the course of destruction we are now facing as a country will require all of us to take positive steps and make many healthier choices.

Starting this coming week, we will be sharing exerts from the new HBO documentary, "Weight of the Nation."  We are also planning public screenings of this documentary and will be inviting all of you to participate.  You can  help to bring the awareness of the obesity crisis to those in your circles of influence.  Once we are aware of the enormity of this crisis, it will be important to help educate, support and empower each other.  Together we can make the changes necessary to save our country from health and financial ruin.

One step will start us on the path but many steps will be needed to complete the journey.  It is not just about weight loss, but more importantly about creating habits of health and changing the way we live.

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