Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Saving the best till Last ...

I send out a "Let's Check-in" note every Monday Morning to Friends, Clients, and Coaches ... The notes are rarely as long as this one, but I had lots of exciting news to share and the best part is at the end!  If you'd like to be added to the Monday Morning Check-in Club, just let me know.

I have just returned home from the most rewarding professional conference I've ever been to!  We spent four days focusing on perfecting our craft ... the craft of coaching clients and coaching coaches as they journey to their goals and beyond.  I'll be posting glimpses and highlights over the next couple of weeks on our blog/web page, but best of all I'll be listening to you with new ears, seeing you with new eyes, and reaching out to you in new ways.  

Congratulations on the incredible work you are doing in every little moment, with every tiny decision that leads you to your goals.  At the end of this note is a link so that you connect with David's story ... his story is great, but yours is even sweeter to my ears because you've invited me to be part of it.

Thanks for sharing, checking in, and referring friends, co-workers, and family members.  Most of all, THANK YOU for becoming Health Coaches!  I love hearing how you are helping others regain control and feel as hopeful and successful as you do.  I am so grateful, so proud, so humble, and sooo excited for all the people our team is helping to re-invent themselves.  You are saving lives, saving families, and changing the outlook of the people you love and many people you've never even met! 

If you are not a coach yet, please call me!  I'll help you get the tools ... everything has been streamlined and polished to provide you with the support you need to support others.  And, if you are feeling too busy or are not ready yet to coach others, think about the people you know who are looking for additional meaning and purpose.  We are looking for those who love helping people and who are ready to smoothly incorporate coaching, and the rewards that come with it, into their lives either part or full-time.  

For those of you in the Portland area:

  • We've started a 10 week class on Mastering the Habits of Health, Monday evenings at 7pm, call, e-mail, or text me for more info. Lesson 1 went really well and you can join us online at your own pace!
  • Join us for the monthly metro wide Miller Training, Saturday, May 19th, 9-3 (it will be packed so let me know you are coming)
  • Come see us at the OAME trade show on Thursday, May 10th - we'll be in booth #100.
Here's the best part!  Being away for an intense conference this past week has me all fired up ... and the best part (besides jumping into the loving arms of my incredible hubby!) is knowing we all have access to the knowledge, skills and confirmations needed to, as Dr Andersen says, "Go out and get America Healthy!"  

Enjoy David's story ... keep writing yours!!!!

Have a fabulous week, check in as needed, and look for my post later this week on maintaining your new-found health! With Joy, Polly.

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