Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday's Note, 5-14-12

Greg and I with baby Andrea - today is her Birthday!

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day ... I got my mom all to myself for a couple of hours on Saturday evening ... we watched Carol Burnet Bloopers and just cracked up together ... sooo sweet!  How did you celebrate?

Here's my favorite quote of the week:
Normally for me, Mother's Day is "open season" for a big bar-b-que with all the fixings.....but not this year! We ate sensibly and enjoyed the day with one of our kids without over-doing it at the table. Feels good to not be so stuffed you can't sleep or plagued with indigestion! 
I weighed in this morning.....four weeks ago I tipped the scales at 371...this morning I weighed in at 339, 32 pounds in a month...I can't believe it, but I know it's true based on how loose some of my clothes are fitting now. I'd love to be at or below 320 by surgery day ... and continue losing from there. 
I can't thank you enough for helping me see this happen...I really doubted whether the motivation to change would ever come back. I felt stuck and needed something to really rock me ... Thanks for reaching out with the tools and the encouragement to help!  The little blender is great..thanks! The shakes come out even better! My second order just came on Thursday...I'm trying out some new meals...I'll give you an update on the chilli and the chocolate chip brownies! Thanks again!  

Favorite Recipe of the week:
 Cauliflower Pizza Crust - this is by far the very best pizza I've ever had!!!

News Flashes:
  1. Vegetarian Guide can be found at:
  2. Two great TSFL YouTubes - These are short and wonderful!  Use these to share the TSFL program with friends and colleagues then call me.
  3. Healthy Habits Class is tonight, Lesson 3 will cover chapters 7 & 8. If you haven’t taken the Health Quiz, be sure and take it. For more info, go to:  
  4. When you are ready to help others tackle their weight with the effective TSFL tools, call me, come to a training session (Miller's Portland area training is next Saturday 9-3 ... it's thorough and wonderful!) and explore the posts under "join Our Team" on our web/blog, 
Thank you for your business and the priviledge of coaching you on this chosen journey to wellness.  I know this is simple, but not always easy.  When someone says, “Wow!  You are looking great!  How are you doing it?”  Please reply, “I have Polly, my Take Shape for Life Health Coach.  She is willing to help you too, give her a call … or better yet, can I give her your e-mail or number?”  If you are coaching with Greg, just tell them we work as a team and are willing to help them!  Polly.

Health Coach Resource provides health and wellness coaching for individuals, families, and employee groups.  We guide clients through our medically directed program of rapid weight loss, transition, and maintenance. We also offer training for qualified individuals who are seeking health coaching jobs and careers. Health Coach training and certification lights up our lives as it lightens the burden of hopelessness and disease caused by poor habits and obesity in America.  Click Here to learn more. 

Call 503-313-4820 or E-mail me today ... just put, "I'm Ready!" in the subject line!

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