Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Memorial Day Vegetable Tabbouleh

Good tasting and good for you, this is my version of Tabbouleh Salad that uses riced cauliflower instead of grain.  This delicious low fat salad has 6 fresh, raw vegetables in the base recipe.  Try it with your own variations and let me what changes you made and how they turned out.  Cooking should be a creative activity.

2- cups riced cauliflower.  I use my food processor but you can also use a grater.
1- bunch parsley, chopped.
1- bunch green onion, chopped.
2- medium carrots, finely grated.
1- cucumber or 2 stalks celery chopped.
1- pint cherry tomatoes, halved lengthwise.
1/4- cup lemon juice. Fresh is nice.
1/4- cup olive oil.
1/2- tsp salt, or 2 tsp bullion instead of salt.

1. Mix all the vegetables in bowl.
2. In shaker jar, mix lemon juice, oil and seasonings, blend into salad.

Garnish and refrigerate, how easy is that?  I have made many variations of this salad with different vegetables and beans added.  Increase the quantity of the dressing slightly as you add more ingredients.  This is great salad for your memorial day cookout.  Greg

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