Monday, May 7, 2012

May Events to share!

Have a great month!!!
May - It's time to get out and about!!
05/06  Fund Raiser for "The Ranger"
05/08  North West Coaches Association
05/09  Intro to our Weight Loss/Health Gain Plan
05/10  OAME Annual Trade Show
05/12  Gluten Intolerance Group
05/16  Overcoming Your Fears training program
05/19  Miller Training!  Contact  me for an invitation
05-19  Gluten Free Food Fair
05-19  Columbia Gorge Art Festival
05-25  OAME Coffee and Issues
05-30  Midwives' Gathering, "Finding Common Ground."
Contact me for an invitation
05-31  Corbett Ladies' Monthly Tea at the Corbett Grange, 10-12:30

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