Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lesson Three in the Healthy Habits for a Lifetime Series!

Down 125# !!!
Lesson Three -

We reviewed chapter 6 in Dr A’s Habits of Health briefly.  One participant shared her Visual Structual Tension Chart … it is simple and moving.

Chapter 7
 explains the “Catalyst” to rapid and safe weight loss - our Medifast Portion Controlled Meal Replacements (PCMRs).  The PCMRs take us out of our normal eating environments and help us lose weight quickly and safely.  Along the way we develop new habits that will carry us through transition and into a life time of better health. 
You'll want to key in on:
  • The Checklist for Change on page 84
  • Secrets to Success page 85
  • The Quick Start Guide will be another helpful reference to keep handy
Chapter 8 covers “Dr A’s Healthy Eating System”
Also down 125# !!!
The concepts here are what keep us on the road to good nutrition once we’ve used the Medifast PCMRs to reduce our size and reset our weight.  Failure to transition to a healthy pattern of eating is the #1 cause of regaining fat. 

We spent time discussing the USDA Pyramid and the brand new “My Plate” which reflects the concepts that Dr Andersen has been teaching clients and coaches for years.  See pages 88-89.

Bottom Line: going back to our old ways and habits will bring a return of our old shape and miseries!  Luckily, Dr A’s “Low-Glycenic Portion-Control System” is designed to install and support brand new habits for a lifetime of healthy living … You can review the concepts on pages 90-92.

Lesson Four
will cover chapter 9.
If you haven’t taken the Health Quiz, be sure and take it before next week’s class. 
You can also do the exercises and follow along in the companion guide,Living a Longer, Healthier Life.

By the way, there are two wonderful YouTubes that have just been made available.  Check them out at     

Have a Great week!  Polly.

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