Monday, May 7, 2012

I Can Get Under my Jeep!

I can get under the Jeep!
Here's my favorite quote for the week:

"As for our Jeep ... its still not running, but even now I find that I can crawl under the Jeep, maneuver around, grab wrenches or other tools, do what I need to do and get back upright. Polly, that was all but impossible 6 weeks ago. 

Still finding many many ways to do our "lean and green" as well as snacks for those times when one might need it. Did you know that 3 spears of pickled asparagus has only 10 calories?

Clothes are starting to be a little large and our energy has picked up substantially. I find that I can get up and down out of low chairs without the difficulty I used to have. It's even easier to get in and out of my big truck!

We both can see and feel the difference, almost daily. BTW, yesterday we both were 2-3 lbs lighter."

This couple finds it helpful to weigh daily, another client decided to lock her scale in the boot of her car and take it out just once a week!  Still another, decided to with a tummy measurement every couple of days.  Remember, it's not just about weight loss and numbers on the scale, it's about how we feel and how our body responds!  What works for you?  How do you stay on track?  Polly.

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