Thursday, May 3, 2012

Been That, Done There!

John wrote, "I had a great week, stayed on program and enjoyed the feeling of relief and control.  Then, the weekend hit.  An "after the ball game" pizza party got the best of me!  Thank you for picking up the phone, reminding me of the tools I have and the goals I've set. I'm grateful this program isn't the typical "sweat and starve" routine ... I know I am asking my body to do something very unusual - burn through stored fuel rather than chow down on everything in sight."  

For most of us, we've "
Been That and are Done There!"  The number one reason for failure and frustration is the willingness to trade what we want most of all for what we want most in the moment.  The motivation to change old habits and establish new ones has to be intrinsic. The motivation must come from within and starts with the sense of self worth. 

Our program helps you internalize new concepts, habits and core beliefs.  This is life changing stuff!!! "Self regard refers to your belief in yourself, your worth and your abilities. Self regard is learned and it is important to recognize that unfavorable self regard can be un-learned."  It may be very uncomfortable ... you may be in foreign territory here ... that's why you have a coach!!!  You are invited to investigate the program we use and sign up for the complimentary and individualized coaching service we provide.  Give us a call, let's see if this is right for you. Polly.

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