Monday, April 2, 2012

Why Do I Still Feel Fat?

So, why do I still feel fat?  If, after burning through 20, 30, 100 or 200 pounds of excess weight, you still look in the mirror and see the bulges and chub with a wave of fear and dissatisfaction, you are not be alone!

All of our senses are needed to slim down, heal, and reestablish a balanced, positive self image.  It's not just what see in our own "Before and After" photos, it's also how we feel in our clothing, how we breath when we walk, and what we say and hear in our inner "self-talk." (Start by saying, "Hey, Gorgeous!" every time you pass a mirror!!)

As we learn healthy new habits of self care and nourishment, our senses of smell, taste, and connected-ness will also adjust and sharpen. In addition to seeking profesional help when needed, many of us benefit from jounaling, participating in challenges, and joining groups of people who are as devoted and determined as we are!

Here are a few new resources I came across this week:
Journal group on "Anyone else struggle with body image and/or weight issues?"
"Phantom fat can linger after weight loss
"Bodyscript™: Unlocking Memories Imprinted in TimeBy Adrienne Ressler MA, LMSW, CEDS,

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