Monday, April 2, 2012

Where to turn and Who to ask ...

The decision to lose weight and gain health may seem very simple ...
We already know:

  Why we want to lose weight,
  How we think we can go about it,
  What we'd like to accomplish and,
  When we hope to reach certain goals.

Implementing our Plan of Action means painting the "Vision" then, addressing the habits and daily choices required to systematically reset our body's size and progress towards optimal health.

Health Coach Resource focuses on providing the keys to implementation such as, Where to turn for accurate information, resources, tools, and support. We are the Who in the equation!  The coaches at Health Coach Resource gently join your personal "inner circle" of helpers and guides. We aren't going to tell you that "Diets and Exercise don't work," instead we're going to assist you to find your path because, nutrition and movement are pivotal to sustainability in our mutual quest for health and well-being.

Finally, becoming a Health Coach can be a very "selfish" decision ... We know that coaches increase their own chances of staying slim by 85%. By committing to helping others on their quest, Health Coaches ultimately commit to accountability, authenticity, and transparency. By committing to clients, we are committing to sustaining and improving our own health every day! Contact us, we can help!!

Read about the Value of a Coach, then, if you'd like to be considered for our Health Coaching Team, please read the Job Description and submit the applicant's Survey. We look forward to hearing from you!

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