Thursday, April 12, 2012

What will your YouTube video be like?

In addition to working with a buddy, please consider some new ways to document your personal journey.  I sent a link to David's Story to the Slimmest Winner Challengers on Friday and want to share it with all of you.
What will your YouTube be like????  Think about activities that you either enjoy now or wish you could do again ... One client called me last week to say, "I'm so excited ... I actually bent down and tied my shoe ... You don't understand!  It's been years since I could tie my shoe without finding a place to prop my foot up and today I did it!!"  How will having the excess weight off change your picture?

I'd like to build a "library" of those inspirational moments to share with others who are currently struggling to get around ... can you picture that series?  The only thing better than a collection of Success Stories and photos, will be a collection of short YouTube videos documenting the incredible transformation our clients experience. Check out David’s Story and get back to me ASAP!  Let's set this up before another pound melts off!  

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