Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Star is Born!

This is my friend and fellow Health Coach, Jenn Bonner as featured in Oprah's May issue of "O Magazine."  Jenn has taken off 180 pounds!  Her husband Trey burned through 100 and they have maintained for more than five years.

I'm very happy to share the program I work with ... when do you want to begin? What would you like to achieve? 

Coaching friends and clients to better health is just like birthing a baby (my life time career) ... it takes months of preparation and self-nurturing, steady growth and change to bring the anticipated and intensely desired offspring into being!!! Our clients inspire us beyond words!

The Program has four basic steps - Preparing & Setting a Vision, Using the tools to take the weight off & solidify new habits,
 Transitioning, and Sustaining & maintaining as you continually move towards optimal health. The client pays for food so it's cost neutral.

When you order through me, I come with the foods and my commitment to you continues without any addition cost to you. My goal is to get you to your goal! You can learn more about our coaching style on this web site and read more about the actual program at

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