Monday, April 23, 2012

Pass the Marinara Sauce...

Our friend Cosmo is doing something remarkably noteworthy ... He's sharing his mom's wonderful Marinara Sauce and I thought you'd like to hear about it. His sauce is high in flavor, low in carbs, fats, and calories, plus, it's gluten free!

Cosmo says: "For five generations, my Mother’s family celebrated Sunday dinner by filling the house with laughter and the wonderful aroma of this marinara sauce simmering in the kitchen. It’s the Patalano family recipe that I grew up with, and frankly I’ve never tasted anything better. The best sauce from the best recipe means quality you can see and taste."

For more info on Cosmo's sauce:  If you'd like more info on gluten free living, contact us at Health Coach Resource and/or check out the National Gluten Free Business Forum, NGFBF.  In Portland, the Gluten Intolerance Group, GIG, meets on the second Saturday of each month at Emanuel Hospital.

Here's Greg and Cosmo discussing the merits of good flavors and friendship at the recent NGFBF meeting in Portland.

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