Thursday, April 19, 2012

Need for Health Coaches is great ...

I was at the "Governor's Market Place" yesterday in Salem ... it's a large annual event for small business owners like us to meet and talk to state and government agency reps about incorporating our services into what these agencies, schools, and departments have to offer - We're going to need a larger team of Certified Health Coaches as we move into this arena.

I also spoke with the representatives at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce booth ... there is sooooo much support for the small business owners, women owned businesses, and anyone with a connection to the Latino community ... the need for our services is so great, frustration and discouragement around weight and obesity issues are high.  It's time to move forward with commitment and confidence. As Health Coaches, we have the tools, support, and passion to make a difference for the individual, their families, and entire communities ... not just for this generation, but for the generations to come!

To be considered for our Team, please review the Job Description and fill out the Interest Survey/Application and send it to me. The "Return on Investment" is immediate and satisfying in every way.

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