Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lessons at Dawn ...

This is more of a personal note ... I'm posting it in "Skill Building" because understanding our connectedness and spirituality is essential as we reach out to help others on their journey. Without listening to the promptings of our Soul (call that what you will), we cannot begin to listen, hear, and respond to what others are saying or needing.

Each morning as I begin to awaken, I seek to remember what's been revealed to me in my sleep.  It's a moment when I feel closest to my Creator ... in a state of openness and receptivity before the demands and distractions of the day take over.  And, if over the years, I gotten "instructions," the demands and distractions seem to cloud those little gems rather quickly and I move from a brief moment of connection into vague busy-ness and occasional fog and fear.

So, for the last few weeks, I've asked for one word, one concept to carry me through the day as I attempt to hold the Vision of where I'm going and why.  Several days ago, the instruction was: "Polly, People need you! Get up and Get on with it!"  The next day it was: "Just Relax and Smile." Yesterday, the overwhelming feeling was, "You are being Guided. Your role is to be open and systematic." This morning, the message that surfaced as I awoke was: "Pick up the threads and Go forward with confidence. See the BIG picture."

Our Team of coaches is a precious, inspiring group. We are committed and determined to gain health, share health, and contribute to the health of our clients and communities.  If you are interested in exploring what being part of our team would be like, part-time or full-time, look at the Job Description,  fill out the Interest Survey/Application and send it to me.  We wish you the very best!

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