Friday, November 7, 2014

Speaking of Quests ...

Speaking of "Quests" ...  I've come across a woman with a fascinating story!  Jane McGonical, in her quest to heal from a brain injury, developed a game - she decided to be a "super hero" and assigned roles and tasks to her friends and family members who were anxious to help her.  

I've been thinking about our collective quest for fitness, weight loss, gracefulness and better health ... 
  • What's your motivation? 
  • How do you define an "Epic Win?"
  • How would it feel to make it more playful?
  • What happens if you don't win?
  • What tools are you using?
  • Who are your Allies?
  • Who's your side-kick, your jester/comic relief?  Who makes you laugh?
  • How do you identify and deal with your Enemies?
  • Who do you depend on to guide you?
  • What can we do to be more engaged and successful?
  • What are you doing to increase your chances of winning this "Game?"
We are each on a Quest and can marshal our knowledge, secret super powers, and allies to help us reach our health and weight loss goals. Our friends and family members already play major roles in our personal journeys to health.  What if we assigned them "tasks" and roles to help us?  Many are helpful - they make us dinner and make us laugh.  They are excited to see us shrink down and they encourage us to get new clothes!  

Finally, the Enemies of Health and Well-being are everywhere!  People are being bombarded, bullied, burdened, and beaten down!  Their knees hurt, their pants are too tight, and they feel hopeless.  Sometimes even our friends sabotage us.  Perhaps they are afraid of the physical and emotional changes we are undergoing.  

Let's pool our energies for Mega Success to help everyone!
Congratulations on the role you are playing in real life to get yourself healthy and help the people you care about do the same!!!  I'm so delighted that so many people are becoming health coaches, helping 5-6 people do what you're doing ... There's a desperate need for more health coaches as we are literally in the battle for our lives and the health and the lives of our kids and grandkids!  It's wonderful to be on this Epic Journey with you!!!

If you'd like to become a Super Hero, Health Coach, Take a look at this "Survey of Interest / Application" I wrote ... are you or someone you know a good fit for our team?

You can learn more about Jane McGonical at and let me know what you think!

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