Friday, March 23, 2012

Linda's Story

Another wonderful Health Coach: We met Linda a year ago - her story is amazing and inspiring!

"I had a heart attack and stroke in Oct. 2004. After Cardiac Rehab, my doc told me to go home and lose 50 lbs. No plan, no drugs, just do it. I found this program and lost 45 lbs in 13 weeks! I was also able to get off all my meds!!! I'm PASSIONATE about helping folks take control of their health!"

  Best of all, Linda's story isn't an isolated "case study in weight loss."  Like many others, Linda lost weight and gained health by incorporating the new habits of our medically proven program. She became a Health Coach and is now helping others because, it's not just our lives that depend on the decisions we make ... those very decisions effect the happiness and well being of our entire family!

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