Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's Not All About Weight Loss!

Franklin loves the fit of his clothes now!
I want to share a comment from a new client:
"Thinking of eating every 2.5 - 3 hours is a little adjustment for me, I feel like I'm thinking of eating all day long!"
He went on to explain that he typically didn't "feel hungry" until after 10am.  Many folks grab a cola or "designer" coffee at that point, work through lunch and arrive home "starving" ... literally starving!  Consuming the majority of our calories late in the day, as our brains search frantically for nutrients, means that we over-eat, store the excess, and pack on pounds so that our trousers feel just a little bit tighter the following day.

"Waiting till I'm hungry" is a frequent comment - most people have completely lost track of when they actually are in need of fuel and when they've had enough.  Most new clients who a carrying (Literally! Think about it!!) 100 extra pounds, tell me how little they eat during the day and I know they are right.  The body will hoard and hang on to every little bit we give it if its not being nourished on a regular basis.  Then, we tend to over-eat in the evenings and our bodies covert those calories into fat and lay down another layer.  Until we start a "Starve and Sweat diet" or use our Fat Burning system (a much easier option!), it's almost impossible to tap into that storage tank efficiently and lose weight.  It's not just about weight loss or "the food," it's really about establishing new habits, and getting confidently on the road to optimal health.

Compare eating nutritious meals to breathing - fuel your body rhythmically and consistently every 2-3 hours - pretty soon you won't have to think about timing at all.  Your tummy will alert you that it's time for a fueling.  For more information on weight loss and optimal health, read our story and take a minute to view what the other ordinary people have experienced.

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