Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happiness Journal Course with Katia

Everyone wants to be happier.  When I ask people what they want, inevitably they will respond with, "I want to be happy!"  

We are always waiting for something to happen and then, perhaps then, we will be happy.   “If I only get a job, or get that raise.  If I only could lose this weight, or get that special outfit. Or better yet, if I could just get "that" car... or perhaps it is getting to a different goal...If I just finish school, I will be happy.  If I could just get X amt of money, then I could sit back and be happy.”   

Ultimately, when we get what we think will make us happy, the mark moved!  We have to work harder, look better or get the better job or the better house or the better schooling.  It never ends because we are looking at it backwards.  As Health Coaches, we have to understand that we must be Happy First.  It is almost like magic when you figure out ways to acknowledge your happiness, the rest falls into place.   

If these thoughts resonate with you and you'd like to become a better coach, please consider joining us for 21 days of exploration through journal assignments and special activities. 

In a nut shell: 21 days, 21 assignments, 20 minutes a day, $42, starting April 1st ... Let me know if you'd like to join us!!!

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  1. We started today. The best part of the journey is figuring out my Three Blessings...what went right and why. Part of what went right is getting guidance from Polly because she is an excellent educator and on top of that it works because of mutual respect. Thank you for being there Polly!