Thursday, March 22, 2012

Change One Unhealthy Habit ...

This lovely note just came in from our Health Coaches, Yeadon and Jessica Smith: 

"If the restaurant sign has red or gold colors, then likely it's bad for you." A friend of mine said this to me this past week as we were talking about eating and healthy habits. How totally true! Think about all the restaurants that have so little that is actually healthy. What colors dominate the sign? Red & Gold. This is just one example of how the food industry has tapped into the colors that connect with our brains to sell us food that leads us down the path toward disease.

This week as you are reading through the materials on forming healthy habits, identify ONE unhealthy habit that you have that want to deal with right now. Now that you've targeted it, begin today replacing it with a good habit. If the first thing you drink in the morning is coffee (I'm speaking to myself here...) then begin replacing that habit with a big glass of water right after you wake up. Then have the coffee afterward. It will get your body moving in the right direction for maintaining your water intake for the entire day!

Remember, this journey is about developing Healthy Habits, not just losing weight and eating a crunch bars.
You can do it! This will work. We will help you!

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