Friday, March 23, 2012

Katia is one of our top Health Coaches!

Down first 11#

Celebrating is a uniquely human activity and we often do it with friends and food. Here's your assignment for the week, make a little list of ways to celebrate that are relationship enhancing plus budget and health friendly. Send in your comments and let's see what we come up with!

This is part of an e-mail from one of my favorite coaches ... it was sent in August of 2009.  Katia decided to add beads to a strand rather than track pounds of weight lost since she hated to "lose" things. Particularly beautiful beads were chosen for milestones indicating special days, like the day she came under 300# ... That strand is now 12 feet long!  

Down 130# and still going!
"This picture (above, right) was take with my beads taken last Saturday (8/08/08) at Farmer’s Market.  You will see my herbal teas and herbal medicines to my side.  Behind me is one of the produce stands – chile and watermelon among other things.  I will be getting these pics taken once a week.  Today I am now at 11 pounds total and I figured out today I am 17 pounds less than when I returned from Israel (one month ago today!)    I am encouraged, but not unrealistic.  I know I cannot waiver or the fat burning process may stop or dramatically slow down.
I think I am ready to learn more about being a coach.  Would you call me tonight after work?  Thank you again for your support.

Though Katia is unique, her story is familiar.  When you're ready to begin advancing your skills and start training as a Health Coach, contact me.  You'll appreciate the low initial investment and overhead plus the comprehensive training and remarkable rewards. 

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  1. One of my clients went to the craft store and bought those beads that have letters. She then choose a verse from the Bible that she related to and for every pound she added another letter. You could do it with the Bible or another reference of favorite inspiring quotation.