Thursday, March 29, 2012

Communicating What We Believe ...

One of the things I want to begin on this site is a conversation about the best business and skill building books.  A favorite of mine is Start With Why by Simon Sinek. This is my second time through it - the first was a library copy and I got so much out of it that I purchased it in order to have the freedom of highlighting and tagging pages!

In a section on leaders, Sinek writes:
We are drawn to leaders and organizations that are good at communicating what they believe.  Their ability to make us feel like we belong, to make us feel special, safe and not alone is part of what gives them the ability to inspire us ...
What is it about an individual or organization that brings out the best in you, inspires you to greatness, and wins your loyalty?  Who do you allow yourself to be coached by?  What coaching skills can we learn from them?

Whether you are coaching for weight loss or business success, you'll benefit from hearing from Sinek in this short Youtube clip.

Health Coach Resource provides health and wellness coaching for individuals, families, and employee groups.  We guide clients through our medically directed program of rapid weight loss, transition, and maintenance. We also offer training for qualified individuals who are seeking health coaching jobs and careers. Health Coach training and certification lights up our lives as it lightens the burden of hopelessness and disease caused by poor habits and obesity in America.  Click Here to learn more.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Mission Statement!

Health Coach Resources has grown out of our desire to:
  • Assist clients with weight loss and health gain 
  • Share the tools of excellent client support
  • Provide a forum for discussing business building skills
  • Help our Health Coaches grow their businesses
  • Share the opportunity with others  
Mission Statement:
Health Coach Resource exists to:
  • Help you improve your coaching skills, out reach, activities, and effectiveness.
  • Light the way for all who desire to assist others gain health, do so with more confidence and joy
  • Participate in sustainable transformation for every client, coach, and community by providing effective tools, accurate information, and transparent inspiration.
For More Information:
Why become a Health Coach?
Who are Greg and Polly and what's their story?
Is there Training and Support for becoming part of their team?
What is the Job Description?
What's my next step? Interest Survey and Application to join our Team.
The program and business model we work with was recently featured in the February 2012 issue of  Direct Selling News.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happiness Journal Course with Katia

Everyone wants to be happier.  When I ask people what they want, inevitably they will respond with, "I want to be happy!"  

We are always waiting for something to happen and then, perhaps then, we will be happy.   “If I only get a job, or get that raise.  If I only could lose this weight, or get that special outfit. Or better yet, if I could just get "that" car... or perhaps it is getting to a different goal...If I just finish school, I will be happy.  If I could just get X amt of money, then I could sit back and be happy.”   

Ultimately, when we get what we think will make us happy, the mark moved!  We have to work harder, look better or get the better job or the better house or the better schooling.  It never ends because we are looking at it backwards.  As Health Coaches, we have to understand that we must be Happy First.  It is almost like magic when you figure out ways to acknowledge your happiness, the rest falls into place.   

If these thoughts resonate with you and you'd like to become a better coach, please consider joining us for 21 days of exploration through journal assignments and special activities. 

In a nut shell: 21 days, 21 assignments, 20 minutes a day, $42, starting April 1st ... Let me know if you'd like to join us!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Katia is one of our top Health Coaches!

Down first 11#

Celebrating is a uniquely human activity and we often do it with friends and food. Here's your assignment for the week, make a little list of ways to celebrate that are relationship enhancing plus budget and health friendly. Send in your comments and let's see what we come up with!

This is part of an e-mail from one of my favorite coaches ... it was sent in August of 2009.  Katia decided to add beads to a strand rather than track pounds of weight lost since she hated to "lose" things. Particularly beautiful beads were chosen for milestones indicating special days, like the day she came under 300# ... That strand is now 12 feet long!  

Down 130# and still going!
"This picture (above, right) was take with my beads taken last Saturday (8/08/08) at Farmer’s Market.  You will see my herbal teas and herbal medicines to my side.  Behind me is one of the produce stands – chile and watermelon among other things.  I will be getting these pics taken once a week.  Today I am now at 11 pounds total and I figured out today I am 17 pounds less than when I returned from Israel (one month ago today!)    I am encouraged, but not unrealistic.  I know I cannot waiver or the fat burning process may stop or dramatically slow down.
I think I am ready to learn more about being a coach.  Would you call me tonight after work?  Thank you again for your support.

Though Katia is unique, her story is familiar.  When you're ready to begin advancing your skills and start training as a Health Coach, contact me.  You'll appreciate the low initial investment and overhead plus the comprehensive training and remarkable rewards. 

Linda's Story

Another wonderful Health Coach: We met Linda a year ago - her story is amazing and inspiring!

"I had a heart attack and stroke in Oct. 2004. After Cardiac Rehab, my doc told me to go home and lose 50 lbs. No plan, no drugs, just do it. I found this program and lost 45 lbs in 13 weeks! I was also able to get off all my meds!!! I'm PASSIONATE about helping folks take control of their health!"

  Best of all, Linda's story isn't an isolated "case study in weight loss."  Like many others, Linda lost weight and gained health by incorporating the new habits of our medically proven program. She became a Health Coach and is now helping others because, it's not just our lives that depend on the decisions we make ... those very decisions effect the happiness and well being of our entire family!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Change One Unhealthy Habit ...

This lovely note just came in from our Health Coaches, Yeadon and Jessica Smith: 

"If the restaurant sign has red or gold colors, then likely it's bad for you." A friend of mine said this to me this past week as we were talking about eating and healthy habits. How totally true! Think about all the restaurants that have so little that is actually healthy. What colors dominate the sign? Red & Gold. This is just one example of how the food industry has tapped into the colors that connect with our brains to sell us food that leads us down the path toward disease.

This week as you are reading through the materials on forming healthy habits, identify ONE unhealthy habit that you have that want to deal with right now. Now that you've targeted it, begin today replacing it with a good habit. If the first thing you drink in the morning is coffee (I'm speaking to myself here...) then begin replacing that habit with a big glass of water right after you wake up. Then have the coffee afterward. It will get your body moving in the right direction for maintaining your water intake for the entire day!

Remember, this journey is about developing Healthy Habits, not just losing weight and eating a crunch bars.
You can do it! This will work. We will help you!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is "It!"

“I wake up every day with the realization that this is it ... there's only one shot at this life and I can either enjoy the ride and live it to its fullest and to my highest potential or I can stay the way I am."
This quote perfectly sums up how I felt when I made the decision to give one more weight loss program a try. I had struggled with being overweight my whole life. I tried every diet in the book and would lose weight only to gain it back (and then some!). I had begun to believe that I would never be able to live my life as a slender person.  
When I was introduced to the program, a little voice inside of me said, “Give this a shot – what have you got to lose?” And I’m so glad I did!  It has changed my life in so many ways.  I have lost 60 lbs. and gone from a size 18 to a size 4. And most importantly, the program has given me the tools that insure I’ll stay healthy and never have to diet again.  
I never thought I’d actually be thin – and yet here I am! And here’s the amazing truth about this program: if I can do it, anyone can! I lost all my weight easily by simply following the program.  I now eat low glycemic meals every three hours, drinking plenty of water and voila! The weight and inches just melted away week after week.  From Kim Fritschi
Health Coaches love helping clients break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and achieve their health and weight loss goals. Our coaching services are fun and complementary for anyone on the program.  In addition to being simple - it's tasty, healthy, nutritionally sound, and astonishingly effective.  We would love to help you get the results that so many are seeing!  We'll go the extra mile to help you!

Dining Out ...

Most of us find dining out with friends to be some of our most enjoyable experiences. It’s also the most challenging thing we can do while on a plan for healthy eating. 

But dining out is far from impossible. Healthy meals are available almost anywhere, as long as you remember that you are in control of what you put in your mouth. Be creative and mindful when choosing your menu items. 

Here are a few tips:
• Find restaurants online, and look for menus. Even small cafes often have an online presence.
• Call the restaurant to ask questions about how they can accommodate you. Most would rather have your business!
• Choose the leanest foods on the menu—fish and chicken—and select grilled, broiled, or baked foods.
• Ask for steamed vegetables in place of fries or potatoes.
• Keep the bread basket at the other end of the table. Or, if dinner companions don’t mind, have them take their slices and send the rest back to the kitchen.
• Ask the chef to hold rich sauces. Or, if they come on the side, dip your fork, rather than your bite, in the sauce. It adds just a touch of flavor without the sabotage. 
• When the dish arrives at the table, halve it, and ask your server to wrap it up. Or, better, have the kitchen set aside your to-go portion before it even gets to the table.
• If a tempting item appears on the table, and you feel out of control, sprinkle a packet of artificial sweetener on it. It will become instantly easy to resist!

For more information and tips, Contact us at Health Coach Resource!

Special Thanks to our Support in Motion Team!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

U.S. Kids Still Eat Too Much Added Sugar

Even with labeling laws getting better, it is still our responsibility to protect ourselves and our families.  First, we must understand that the food industry will sell us whatever it can to make people buy more food.  Second, we have to understand, as Samantha Heller states in this article, "Whoever is the gatekeeper for the family food supply needs to take a good, hard look at their choices. Obviously, junk foods, cookies, desserts and sodas are high in sugar and non-nutritive calories."  Most importantly, once we know what the situation is we must have the will to take action.
Though consumption has fallen, it's far above recommended levels
Wednesday, February 29, 2012
HealthDay news image
Related MedlinePlus Pages
"WEDNESDAY, Feb. 29 (HealthDay News) -- Added sugar in drinks and foods makes up almost 16 percent of the calories U.S. children and teens consume, federal health officials report.
That's far more than the daily recommendation of no more than 15 percent of calories fromboth sugar and fat, according to the report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published online Feb. 29 in the National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief.
"We were interested in looking at added sugar consumption in children because of the significant prevalence of childhood obesity in the United States and the fact that the dietary guidelines recommend that 5 to 15 percent of calories come from added sugars or fats," explained lead researcher Cynthia Ogden, an epidemiologist with CDC's National Center for Health Statistics.
Although the consumption of added sugars decreased between 1999 and 2008, it's still above recommended levels, she said: Boys consume about 362 calories a day from added sugar, and girls eat about 282 calories in added sugar on a daily basis.
Sugar consumption also went up as children got older, the report showed."
"Samantha Heller, a dietitian and nutritionist based in Connecticut, said that "we are turning our home kitchens into junk-food havens."
While sugar per se is not evil, too many added sugars increase the risk for obesity, diabetes, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, heart disease and more, she said.
"Whoever is the gatekeeper for the family food supply needs to take a good, hard look at their choices. Obviously, junk foods, cookies, desserts and sodas are high in sugar and non-nutritive calories," Heller said.
But added sugars lurk in unexpected places such as dried fruit snacks, instant iced teas, banana chips, fruit punch, boxed dessert mixes, fat-free caramel popcorn, chicken nuggets, ketchup, BBQ sauce, tartar sauce and fat-free salad dressings, she noted."

Even with labeling laws getting better, it is still our responsibility to protect ourselves and our families first by understanding that the food industry will sell you whatever it can to make people buy more food.  Secondly we have to understand as Samantha Heller states in this article, "Whoever is the gatekeeper for the family food supply needs to take a good, hard look at their choices. Obviously, junk foods, cookies, desserts and sodas are high in sugar and non-nutritive calories."  Most importantly, once we know what the situation is we musthave the will to take action.

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