Monday, February 13, 2012

Stuffing the Belly Can Starve the Mind ...

This is a fabulous article proving in seniors what most of us already know to be true: Stuffing our faces decreases our ability to think clearly!  As our blood sugar rises and overwhelms our body's ability to cope, we get "brain fog" that we can feel.  That feeling for me signals that it's time for a nap! We don't have to wait until we are an "honored citizen," if we do, we've waited too long.
Discover the "Habits of Health" for your favorite senior, your children, and yourself.  We each have access to the knowledge, time, money, and support to immediately make changes - one decision, one purchase, one mouthful at a time! 

That's what we do at Health Coach Resource ... whether you are looking for weight loss, coaching, gaining health and stamina, we can get you started and support you along the journey.  Consultation free as is coaching for clients on program.

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