Friday, February 3, 2012

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

In his book, Dr A's Habits of Health, Dr Anderson collaborated with Robert Fritz to teach us the process of using "Fundamental Choice" in creating optimal health.  We live in a society that dwells on problems and how to resolve them.  In his most recent blog post, Robert Fritz, explains the difference between "fundamental choices" and "problem solving," using the example of the difficulty people face trying to quit smoking.  He explains that, “Smokers are not alone in being focused on appetites and instincts. Millions are suffering from obesity. Yet the fast food world knows exactly how to evoke the appetite frame of demand for instant gratification. One McDonald's sign showed a picture of a Big Mac and fries, with the caption, "You know you can't resist.""
When it comes to getting on that path to permanent weight loss, Health Coach Resource has the tools, tips and coaching support that can help you create the quality of health you want in your life.  Resisting is hard, frustrating and often ends in failure.  Developing healthy habits is still hard work but much more rewarding and long lasting.
Click this link for the full article by Robert Fritz:  Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

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