Friday, February 10, 2012

How to Build a Winning Team!

"How do I build a Team?" Our Slimmest Winner II, 90 Day Challenge starts later this month, just in time for Spring and I was asked, "How do I go about building a team?"

  • Start with Why you've chosen to take the Challenge.
  • Think about How you normally share important  information.
  • Ask them if they want "In?" Tell them What to do next - just contact me at
Here's More:

Why: Your friends, family members and colleagues have been watching your slim down and need a system and encouragement to do it too! What will it feel like to help them? What if we don't reach out? Will we let another year go by? It's just in time for Spring and most of us want to feel and look better! Losing weight is just one way to measure our status and progress ... but it's very motivating and if we can get someone going down the right path, making healthy choices can become a lifetime, life-changing habit!

How: Make copies of the fliers and rules and post them in your office, on you church and grocery store bulletin boards and on FaceBook. Hand them out to your kid's soccer moms - ask them to join you in this Challenge!  Call me and I'll help you with more ideas and logistics.

What: Share with potential Teammates that you are working with a Health Coach (me) and that I'm delighted to get them on Take Shape for Life for the 90 Days ... If YOU can do it, they can do it for 90 Days! Ask them what slimming down will mean to their health. What will it feel like? And, what will it feel like to keep on struggling without a coach?  Also, ask them how $500 would benefit their child's classroom, their office, or their club. Each team member on the winning team receives $100, so teams can consist of 2-5 Challengers.  Besides, "Team work, makes the Dream work!"

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