Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

Dr Andersen, founder of Take Shape for Life and author of Dr A's Habits of Health, points out that we are what we believe ... and what we do proves what we believe!  I know we are the very best and are doing the very best we can at each moment but sometimes we get tripped up by "old" thought patterns, habits, and expectations in our home and work environments.  

Take a look at Chapter 3 in Dr A's Habits of Health.  It's called, "Motivation for Change." This chapter builds a foundation for discarding old patterns of thinking and less-than-helpful habits, the habits of dis-ease.  We are invited to begin developing new habits - habits of wellness leading to a feeling of control, vitality and happiness.  Without going through this process, we are stuck in a never ending cycle of frustration and repeated failure.

Picture this process on a piece of scratch paper by drawing a circle like a clock.  
At the top write "Crisis" ... think chest pain ... 
At 3 o'clock, write "Action" ... the crisis leads to intense emotional conflict that we decide to address and get help with.
At 6 o'clock, write "Less Crisis" ... there's less emotional conflict because we've taken action like visiting our medical provider, reduced our stress, gotten on a new medication, started a new diet or stopped smoking.
At 9 o'clock, write "Less Action" ... with the crisis now behind us, we relax a little and let the old, comfortable habits reemerge until ...
Now we are back to 12 o'clock ... write "More Crisis!" and start the whole cycle over again and again, and again!
Dr A describes it in more detail on page 20.

It doesn't have to be this way!  Health is all about making choices and developing new habits!  That's in chapter 4.  I've heard that it take about 21 days to establish a new habit ... we are well on our way to changing our habits and changing our lives. Here's one of my favorite recent comments:
I’m down 28 lbs!!  Oh my goodness….people are really starting to comment….its really fun.  Just wanted to keep you posted, and share with you my excitement!  I continue to be amazed how it just happens like magic… and, I don’t have to be on the treadmill an hr. a day for it to happen  (I think I shared with you that always before if I was able to drop a pound it was because I had sweated and exercised for an insane amount of time).  I’m so busy with other things in life, its such a gift to just follow the program and watch it work! 
Congratulate yourself on each new habit you have and are making - don't look back!  Just keep your eye on the prize!!!  This is what we do at Health Coach Resource ... we help YOU get to where you want to go with your health.  You can reach me at Polly@HealthCoachResource.com.

To read more about habits, check out this site by Helen Fell.

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