Monday, February 20, 2012

Activities for Making Weight Loss Easy!

It's a new day and I woke up in a "worrying" sort of mood. Sometimes it feel like our goals, the same ones we made last year and the year before, are still illusive and out of reach. I asked the question: What am I not doing or not seeing?  And then, thankfully, the purpose becomes clear and puzzle pieces come together again ... the systems are in place and I remember (again!) that consistent activity, spiritual tranquility, and core happiness progress and success.

A little confirmation: I came into my office, pulled up my email and was delighted to find this list of 10 Important Activities for Making Weight Loss Easy! It was sent from Lori Andersen and her husband, Dr Wayne Andersen, founder of Take Shape for Life and author of Dr A's Habits of Health. Here's the shortened version:
  1. Write our your health goal and day it out loud daily and often!
  2. Write down all the secondary choices that you will make in order to reach your goal - see Chapter 4 in Dr A's Habits of Health.
  3. Restock your kitchen and get rid of temptations - remember, it's easier to change your environment than it is to change your mind!
  4. Get family help and support.
  5. Start journaling: Write everything down. (we now have a new phone app for recording meals! Yeah!!)
  6. Plan your day.
  7. Measure your servings.
  8. Eat breakfast first thing!
  9. Eat slowly.
  10. Distract yourself when cravings strike.
  11. Take charge at restaurants.
There are so many other important health promoting activities including water intake, sleep, tranquility, movement, surrounding yourself with happy people ... way too many to contemplate all at once (Dr A's list of 10 actually has 11 items on it, did you notice?!) What's the most important "Baby step" or change that you can make today???  What's bringing you success at this moment?

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