Sunday, January 27, 2013

Will Power is a Muscle ... Use it wisely!

The concept that our "Will Power" behaves like a muscle is presented by John Tierney in his new book, WillPower.  Mr Tierny's research indicates that willpower, self-control, and decision making, all use the same areas of the brain and can become overwhelmed and fatigued - especially by the end of a demanding day!

This has really helped me understand why I can make great choices throughout the day but cave in to munching on unhealthy foods in the evenings.  Generally, I have the ability to "Stop, Challenge, Choose" as advised by Dr Wayne Andersen, founder of Take Shape for Life.  However, if I'm tired, distracted, or it's late in the day, I can become completely over powered by "over exposure" to chips, dips, and sweets. Then, my own private Cookie Monster gets excited, grabs the treat, and shouts "Gotta try it all and Get more of it NOW!" 

Dr Andersen in his book, Dr A's Habits of Health, makes it clear that initiating positive changes in habits and health begins by changing how we think. Together, we'll help you start and stay on the path to optimal health and well-being!  Take Dr A's Health Quiz and contact me to review the results at  Consultations are free and coaching is complementary for clients on program.

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