Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why I took the Challenge!

I asked our Challengers to share what it feels like to be in "Fat-Burning," what their vision is for their health this year, and why they've chosen to take the "Challenge" ... here's the first response: 
1.  I know I'm in fat burning when I feel satisfied, energetic and alert!  its a GREAT feeling!!
2.  My vision for my health this year is to attain my most healthy weight/bmi, and to be physically fit (heart health/endurance).  The steps I'm taking to achieve my goals are doing TSFL, and doing strength, cardio, and core training  3-4 times a week.
3.  I committed to the challenge of slimmest winner because I was already on the program, and I love fun, healthy competition!!  The only thing I have to lose is unwanted fat weight!! YEAHHH!!!
We are all winners when we set a goal, commit, connect, and keep our eye on the prize!

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