Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tracking you progress with "Support In Motion"

Thank you for visiting our Health Coach Resource site! Greg and I are delighted to assist you in your pursuit of better health and well-being.  We'd love to hear your story and share our knowledge of health promotion, personal weight loss, and our journey towards Optimal Health. 

One of the most helpful programs we've found is Take Shape for Life's Support in Motion.  It will help you incorporate new habits, the "Habits of Health." In fact, if you don’t have it already, now is a great time to order the Habits of Health Lifestyle program, which includes Dr. A’s Habits of Health and the Companion Guide, Living a Longer Healthier Life

The Take Shape for Life "Support in Motion" program is the perfect companion for your health journey. You can log your meals, weight loss, measurements, and exercise.  You've taken your first step - you've made the decision to get healthy NOW!  
Pounds Gone and Years Younger!
• Set your goals for healthy weight and optimal health. Let me know your goals ASAP.
• Choose your nutritional program and get foods stocked - Medifast has healthy, convenient meal replacements. 
• Complete your Health Assessment and share the results with me.
• If you haven't already cone so, fill out the Client Profile - this will help me help you better.

Questions? In addition to calling us, you can post your thoughts or join a thread on one of the Support in Motion Discussion Boards, participate in Chat Room and find answers in our Support in Motion Library.

Success comes from knowledge, commitment, and support. Your personal success is our primary goal!

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