Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rules for the Biggest Loser Challenge

Making the Hard Choices just got a little more fun!
Rules for the Biggest Loser Challenge 
January 13th - February 24th, 2012

1.      Fill out the Client Profile - Current clients may have one on file.
2.      Youngsters age 15-18 may join the Challenge as long as a parent signs a health and liability waiver and participates in the Challenge with them.
3.      Send in a full length "Before Photo" in form fitting T-shirt and work-out pants taken within 48 hours of starting the Challenge.
4.      Send in a full length "After Photo" in same clothing, same background within 48 hours of ending the Challenge.
5.      Weigh in on Friday, Jan 13th and report weekly results each Friday thereafter until Challenge ends on Friday, Feb 24th.
6.      We're on the honor system - you know what we mean!
7.      No illegal substance use please - including current use of HCG in any form.
8.      Clients of Health Coach Resource receive free coaching and discounts on Medifast foods. 
9.      Winners will be announced on Sunday, February 26th.
10.  Participation is voluntary and contestants acertain that they are healthy enough to participate.  Individuals with significant health issues and/or under medical supervision, should consult with their provider before signing up.  

For more info, contact us at HealthCoachResource@gmail.com.

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