Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost and Found 2011

It's astounding to us - Together, our clients have burned through more than 2,500 pounds of excess fat this year!  We are doing something that few people have been able to do - we have each tapped into our reservoir of stored fuel, used it effectively, established new healthy habits and re-set our body size.  Congratulations, Well Done!!

Even more important than the actual number of pounds lost, take a look at the percentage of body weight affected.  Several clients have shed more than 33% of their weight ... Here's what one said:

"It's taken me quite a while to adjust to my new body size. In addition to not recognizing myself in a reflection, I became uncomfortable with all the complements ... I just didn't know what to say!  This kept me on a plateau for a while ... but then I discovered shopping and the abundance of inexpensive consignment shops in my town.  I'm having a blast now!"

For the month of January, please think back over the past year and share with us how your health and habits have changed ... What have you let go of?  What have you lost?  How many dress sizes have you gone down? How many new belt notches you've had to add?  How many medications you've been able to stop using?

Beyond what we've lost, consider what we've found.  A few of the comments I've heard recently: "I am laughing so much more - I just feel freer than I have in years ..."  "I found Hope ..."  "I've found a life I never thought I'd have!"

We are sewing seeds of Hope.  You are sewing seeds of Hope!  We've heard it said that "You are what you eat."  But there's another truth, "We are what we believe."  I believe that we can each successfully pursue and improve our health.  And, I believe we are better when we do it together!

Here's Wishing You the Healthiest, Happiest, and most Prosperous year ever!!

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