Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Health Coach Positions open

Evolution of the professional "Health Coach" is relatively new to the scene even though many of us have been coaching family, clients, students, and patients to better health and well-being for years.  Development of the professional health coach has been complicated due to lack of standardization, access to credible programs and experienced mentors.  Furthermore, there is confusion between "health coaching" and the role a sales consultant plays when educating, marketing, and selling health and wellness products - some beneficial, some not-so-beneficial.

Consumers are in desperate need of accurate information, quality programs, and committed, affordable coaching.  We are all bombarded with media hype, check-out line periodicals promising miracle weight loss tricks, super charged power drinks in our gyms, and fast food vendors every where. There is more interest in getting at what's in our wallets than promoting a healthy community.  We deserve better!

Health Coach Resource is looking for qualified individuals who are sincerely interested in helping clients lose weight and improve their overall health.  Our health coaches have come from a variety of disciplines - they come from nursing, teaching, and counseling.  They've been trainers, dietitians, midwives, physicians, and business owners.  Our Health Coaches have found our nationwide program to be affordable, personally and professionally enriching, and financially rewarding - income disclosures are available on request.  Training materials are available online, personal mentoring and quality training events are tailored to individual needs and interests.  Many of our coaches specialize - we work with teens, young moms wanting to get baby weight off, diabetics, athletes, seniors and many other groups.  Certification entitles coaches to work with health care providers, present at trade shows, and become mentors.

If you, or someone you respect, have an interest in furthering your current career or stepping boldly into this new arena, please contact us at, we have five Health Coach positions open at this time.

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