Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 4 of the "Slimmest Winner" Challenge!

This is day 4 of our first Biggest Loser "Slimmest Winner" Challenge!

About day 3 -  Whether you're new to making a meaningful dietary change or just getting back into the swing of one, I'm sure you know what I mean -  Day 3 can be uncomfortable as we complete the process of burning through the glycogen stores in our liver and "go looking" for other sources of fuel.  On day 3 we frequently feel edgy and grumpy.  Our antennae are up for potential munchables.  The best source energy is the wonderful, pre-digested, golden fuel we've been packing around our middle, our hips and thighs!!!  Here's what one of the Challengers had to say:

I'm so glad day 3 is over!  I know I'm in fat-burning when I'm not hungry, have energy, and can think clearly ...  I was certainly not there yesterday ... but today is a much better day! When I restarted for the Challenge, I didn't allow myself extra snacks because I knew that would just prolong the process and discomfort.  I just kept reminding myself that the purpose of the effort was to burn through my own stored fat.  It's ok to be a little hungry on day 3.  I was glad it was Sunday and I could just chill out. I also took several walks because, like you told me Polly, it's easier to change my environment than it is to change my mind!"

Here's your question ... actually several questions.  Be sure to post Your comments either here or on our FaceBook page,! 
  1. How do you know and how does it feel when you're in Fat-Burning?
  2. What's your Vision for your health this year?  
  3. What steps are you taking to make this decision a reality?
  4. And, if you're a Slimmest Winner Challenger, Why did you decide to commit to the Challenge?  How will it help you get where you want to go? 
Check out the Intro and first two chapters of Dr A's Habits of Health.  You'll find some surprising secrets that will make this Challenge, this week, this decision have a life-long positive impact on your health and well-being!  I learn more every time I read it because I'm in a different "space" and looking at the information through a new lens!  If you don't have this material, let me know and I'll help you get it.  Contact us for more info on Fat-Burning. 

Have a GREAT week!

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