Friday, July 27, 2012

The Virtue of Creativity

Creativity is Power 
Creativity is the power of imagination. And it has been said
that anything we can imagine is possible. When we channel our creative powers towards any positive outcome that our heart desires, we can set a new course for ourselves in life.  What is a challenge in your life right now that could use a creative solution? 

Imagine the power of creating health in your life.  With a sense of purpose and the right tools you too can create a healthier life.
Though many of us use weight loss as an indicator for success, losing weight can be done in many ways and, sadly, is often a temporary achievement.  

At Health Coach Resource, we are focused on sustainable changes.  Using our
System, we create new habits that lead to lasting wellness and vitality.  So, be creative with us ... Let's re-invent ourselves together and create a healthier, happier life!  Call us at 503-313-4820 for free consultation ... let's get you started now!

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