Sunday, March 1, 2015

There's a Quiet Place of No Words

Greg and Katy in deep conversation!
In Start With Why, Simon Sinek describes the place deep inside each of us that is called the "Limbic Brain." It's a place of feelings where decisions are made and actions take root.  This place is referred to when we say, "I knew it in my gut," or "I felt it in my heart." It's also the place we go to when we sit quietly and turn off the negative self-talk. We go there when we meditate and pray, when we laugh and smile. We feel it when we hug a returning loved one, cradle a sleeping child, or help a stranded stranger find her car in a snowy parking lot. It's a place of "knowing" everything will be ok.

This feeling center, that has no words, is also vulnerable. It can get drowned out by the noise and demands of the "Season." Many experience vague feelings of guilt - it seems that we've never done, given, or been quite "enough!" The marketing companies love this! Those media experts, news choosers, non-nourishing, too-fast-food-pushers, and toy makers are aiming their messages directly at our not-so-logical feeling center.  They encourage us to "make memories" with expensive cameras and gifts, "show her you love her" with jewelry we can't afford, and "make this the greatest holiday ever" by purchasing lovable stuffed toys and action warriors. Then we can celebrate and numb our feeling center further with "spirits" of specialty beers and wine!

Whew! It's time to slow down, regroup, recenter, re-focus, get a grip, touch base and re-charge! Revisit this core, feeling center again and again. Breath in and out deeply. Choose to be mindfully in the present moment and ridiculously happy. Everyone benefits when we take care of ourselves and consistently do, give, and be our best.

The next step is to create the vision of the results you want to bring into being. More on that later this week. For more information on the Habits of Health and the support Take Shape for Life can offer, go to And, don't let anyone mess with your Limbic Brain!

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