Thursday, December 22, 2011

Greater Portland Ranks First

Global Portland:
A 2011 Progress Report

From: Mayor Sam Adams,,  December 22, 2011

Dear Portlander,

“Be the scrappiest small global city in the United States. That's my goal for Portland to succeed in the global economy.

Exporting more goods and services to more places in North America and around the world is how we will do it.

We have a lot going for us: a talented workforce, innovation-focused firms and a culture of actually still making things for export. Even without a coherent regional strategy or partnership, Greater Portland ranks second in the nation in export value as a percentage of our economy.”

Greater Portland Ranks First in the Nation
From a health perspective, Portland is the birth place for “Take Shape For Life,” working to create health within the community and export it nationwide.  This unique program, created by Dr Wayne Scott Anderson, has more TSFL Health Coaches in Portland than anywhere else in the nation. 

To become a part of this Health Revolution that is bringing health to our nation, contact Polly or myself at Health Coach Resource.  Health is one of the greatest gifts you can bring yourself and your family this holiday season.  The journey begins with a decision to create change.  When that decision is acted upon, good health will bring joy for a lifetime.

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