Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Future of Personal Sustainable Thinking

The Future of  Personal Sustainable Thinking

Our job at Health Coach Resource is to inspire people towards greater health and a more    sustainable future.  Being stuck with a glass half-empty point of view is not inspiring or fun.  Neither is going on a diet.

Going on a diet can set up a process that is in conflict with what we really want to accomplish.   When we are stuck in a pattern of "yo-yo dieting" we go from dieting to not dieting and back again.  We become frustrated, unhappy and in danger of never reaching our goals.

Knowing that the topic of weight is, "a really heavy one," we are are here to shed a little light on things.  Start by taking the  Habits of Health,"Health Quiz," Health Quiz.  This will help you understand your real current situation.  From here we can help you create a vision, make an action plan and provide you with the needed tools.  If you are ready to begin this journey towards better health in your life, contact us today to get started on a path to a more "sustainable" future. 

The thought for this blog came from Steve Bishop's article on "Sustainable Design Thinking."

IDEO's Steve Bishop on the Future of Sustainable Design Thinking
DEC 9 2011, 9:02 AM ET The atlantic magazine

What is most challenging about working in sustainable design?

“Just the topic in general is a really heavy one. It's talked about in terms of gloom and doom. Many people approach it from a glass half-empty point-of-view, which is not inspiring and not fun. It's not an inspirational topic for a lot of people; it's "we've got to save ourselves." My job is meant to inspire people and show how sustainability is an opportunity. I try to come at it from an optimistic and intuitive point of view. There is something fun and interesting in sustainability -- that's what I try to emphasize to clients…”

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