Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Self-Discipline & Well Being

Self-discipline is key to well-being ???
"Being healthy in the modern world can be very hard for us and in affluent countries we all eat too much! Restaurants give us enormous portions; one portion today would have fed three people 30 years ago. Supermarkets now offer unimaginable temptation designed to encourage you to buy far more food than you need and we can all easily end up over-fed." Src: Arab News 

While I agree  with the above paragraph I wonder about the word “Self-discipline” in the title.   If you read any authors such as Robert Fritz you will understand that the difference between self-discipline and self-determination is subtle but profound. When we try to use will power to overcome something, we are continually locked in a battle with what we don't want.  In order to have lasting change we must be creative and determine what it is we do want.  We have to ask, what do we want our lives to look like and then, work towards that goal. 

Fritz uses the terms "structural conflict" and “structural tension" to describe these two models.  Structural conflict or will power manipulation bounces you back and forth in the arena of what you do not want.  Structural tension on the other hand uses the creative process to move you towards that vision of what you do want to create in your life.  The paradigm shift is tremendous.

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