Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Engaged in a Personal Wellness Revolution!

We are engaged in a Wellness Revolution - a very personal Stand Against the Status Quo Rebellion!

Of course, we could just accept the frustration of the status quo.  Though the news, tabloids and common sense tell us that rates of "Diabetsity" (Diabetes and Obesity) will continue to double exponentially, there's no mention of how the dollars spent on the epidemic fuel our economy - many industries benefit from our unhealthy state and established habits including fast food chains, agricultural giants, pharmaceuticals, sickcare systems, hospitals, dialysis units, furniture makers, medical supply and equipment makers.  If we as a society decide to get and stay on the trail to better health, these industries will suffer because we aren't.

According to Simon Sinek, author of "Start With Why," people and organizations use several tactics to get us to change or buy something.  He refers to these tactics as "carrots and sticks."  The tactics include manipulation, sales, promotions, fear, aspirational messages, peer pressure, and novel gimmickry.  (By the way, the $50 "incentive" I've been offering for referrals through 12/24 fits right in there ... reading his material has helped me realized that this promotion is a bit manipulative and a little embarrassing!)  You can learn more about Simon and his approach by going to a talk he gave.  This is one of my all time favorite talks!

Finally, there are 10,000 TSFL Health Coaches in the US ... Thank you for choosing Greg and I!  Please remember us to those dear to you.  We want to connect with them, hear their stories, help them join you on your journey, and have success!  Together we can win this Revolution!!  Polly

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